Fee Schedule & Support offered by Abrolhos Group

  • Psychometric Assessment by Dr Angelkovska –  $950 (Full or partial subsidy available via Abrolhos Group depending on circumstances)
  • Autism Assessment by Dr Angelkovska –  $1500 (Full or partial subsidy available via Abrolhos Group depending on circumstances). Autism assessments require medical specialist verification, at extra expense. Video link at Victoria Districts Medical Centre. Some cases require speech pathology assessment at additional expense. 

The following guidelines apply.

We have expertise in assisting those in our community who have specific learning difficulties and associated social problems. Our aim is to facilitate early identification and accurate assessment so that a range of options can be given to the families

The Abrolhos Group is in step with the National Health and Medical Research Council in Australia, Telethon Kids Institute, the Education Department of WA and the National Institutes of Health in the USA. We recommend early accessing of psychometric assessments.

Our thoughts are in line with the following deliberations.

On 3 June 1999 a meeting of Geraldton school principals, educational psychologists, paediatricians approved the following triggers for psychometric assessments.

  • Suspension or threatened suspension
  • Remedial teaching for consideration of such
  • Repeating a year or consideration of such
  • Significant under performance
  • School refusal

Psychometric assessments aim to ascertain potential and compare this with skill and achievement.

This may entail:

  • Assessment of Intelligence eg. WISC V.
  • Testing of specific Learning Difficulties, particularly language based.
  • Assessment for Attentional Problems.
  • Screening with a view to assessment for adaptive issues such as Autism.

We recommend assessing each child’s potential in the above manner prior to engaging on any therapy such as behavioural modification.

In other words make a diagnosis prior to commencing therapy

For further information please see our ADHD Shared Care Manual

The following article by Dr Pedlow was publishled in the Australian Family Physician, journal of the RACGP – December 2000