Good News

The Abrolhos group is pleased to report that since February 2019 we have

  • Assessed 250 cases, mainly children, 12% aboriginal.
  • Performed 150 full educational psychometric assessments in the form of WISC V
  • the majority of these children were diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder such as autism, ADHD, central auditory processing disorder, dyslexia, dysgraphia. 40 new cases of autism have been detected and guided towards NDIS and extra help at school.

Our spend is now $40,000, terrific value for money. This means that no child misses out due to the cost involved.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all. Particularly the families we look after, AG members and supporters, Victoria Districts Medical Centre staff, our partnering psychologist Dr Angelkovska, teachers, paediatricians, psychiatrists, occupational and speech therapists.

We thank our sponsors as listed on the homepage of our website.

We welcome as our sporting ambassador, Andy Brayshaw from the Fremantle football club.

Kim Pedlow Chair.

It is early days with our relationship with the Telethon Kids Institute. Hopefully this will bear fruit and assist in the timely assessment of kids with neurodevelopmental disorders in regional Western Australia.

We welcome Gaby Bracks as our honorary lawyer.