01-May-19            Currently we have 38 friends (members) with a variety of expertise and interests.

Kim & Anne Pedlow
Warwick Glenister
Eveline Spencer
Anne Angelkovska
Andrew Eastman
Stephen Houghton
Josie Lawrence
Natalie & Nigel Holmes
Wayne Hosking

Barry Anderson
Dianne Miller
Ashleigh Broad
Lizzie Piggott
Andy Darbyshire – Mentor
Alan Bradley
Andrew Ford
Emma Howell
Barry Mitchell – Mentor

Paul Dyer
Paula Duggan
Paul Brown
Tristan Broomhall
Heather Brett
Natasha Colliver
Geoff & Helen Noonan
Ben MacDonald
Michael Friday

Jean Paradise
Gordon Anderson
Jo Chester
Rebecca Brown
Warren Kalazich
Kiryn Singh-McConnell
Daniel Clift
Caroline Rix  (Parkerville Homes)

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