Board Meeting July 9, 2014 – Notes

Ongoing work on the interim constitution aiming for tax deductibility, electronic copies to be sent to board members. Will be discussed at the next meeting.

Interest Group Reports

Point of care obstetric ultrasound training. Coordinator Kim Pedlow.

Broome workshop on 20 June 2014 was well received, attended by 16 local health professionals. These were mainly midwives and a smattering of junior doctors.

Lessons learned…… Always have more pregnant subjects and ultrasound machines than you think is necessary. Don’t assume the communication in all areas is perfect. Sonosite gives terrific support. The locals were very supportive and keen to have us back in 3 to 6 months. Other abrolhos group members are welcome to accompany Kim but would need to pay their own way.

No costs were incurred to AG. Sonosite, Kim and Anne Pedlow paid their own way. No income as attendees were all midwives and junior doctors. Gifts to presenters donated by Kim and Anne.

Assisting identification and management of learning and behavioural difficulties in children. Coordinator Kim Pedlow.

Ongoing discussions with Shine, midwest football Academy and flexible learning Centre.

Kim Pedlow will liaise with some of our friends as to the best way forward.